I love this place! The instructors (Guros) are very patient with my nine year old that has some social discomforts.
Proud Parent
My child continues to learn and gain confidence that I could not teach him anywhere else. We are three months into the school and I’ve seen the instructors help other children with their weaknesses, as well. I find this level of care to be far out of the ordinary.Proud Parent
Perhaps later there will be a time for hardcore Martial Arts discipline. THIS SCHOOL is putting their children first in ways that are OUTSTANDING!Proud Parent
APEX is great. Awesome training. Fantastic teachers. If you are into Martial Arts, must check this place out! Student
My daughter loves APEX Martial Arts! Guro Erol is a wonderful instructor! So glad we found your studio. Proud Parent
APEX Martial Arts Academy is the best place in St. Louis and St. Charles area to train in the Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do. Everyone I train with is knoweledgeable and top-notch! Student
Great experience with my first boxing class, Lynn is a great instructor – I look forward to future classes with Lynn. Student
Great school, the best lineage and top notch instructors!! I highly recommend Apex Academy!!Fellow Martial Artist
The cardio boxing class with Guro Lynn is awesome! Great workout!! Lynn is patient and upbeat! Highly recommend! Student
Lynn’s Cardio Boxing is Awesome! Tons of fun!! Worth driving across the bridge! lol.Student
Very awesome place!!!Student
Forgive me but wasnt sure of how to go about this. I just wanted to thank Master Joe Craig for being a completely stand up gentleman for someone he hadn’t even seen in almost a decade and never trained with directly and working with me through almost the entire day I was at the Dan Inosanto Seminar. Thank you sir, meant the world to work with someone who knew to degree what I could do and my background as opposed to others who may think I was made of glass. Thank you sir!Student
All the instructors are the best around. Relaxed flow of training. Sifu /Guro Joe Craig is an excellent teacher and an exceptional person! Highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a variety of the best martial arts in the area!Student
Great selection of Martial arts taught by great instructors!Fellow Martial Artist
Apex is an awesome environment to train in FMA and JKD under Guro Joe Craig. Always learn something new and challenging. Guro Roy Hagan’s Silat sessions have benefited me tremendously!!! I highly recommend Apex Training Center!!Student
My girl is working hard and really loves the things she is learning from Apex Martial Arts Academy.Proud Parent
Thank you for today’s workshop! It far exceeded our expectations, and it was a pleasure to work with you. Please extend our sincere thanks to your team. They were certainly knowledgeable, but even more importantly, they were great working with the girls – encouraging, supportive and engaging. (And this is not always an easy age to please!)
Thanks again for all your efforts!!Girl Scout Leader-Self Defense Workshop
The kids had a lot of fun! You guys put on a great class, and the certificates are beautiful!Cub Scout Leader-Self Defense Workshop
It was a lot of fun and very informational. I even tried moves on my husband when I got home. So great! So many people need this and want this, but don’t know where to get it. I’ll know where to send them now!
-Women's Self-Defense Participant