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Teaching Kids Life Skills Through The Martial Arts

Something Great For Your Child

The Apex Kids martial arts program is good, clean fun for kids and a great way to give your child a head start in life. Our program is an excellent way for children to gain life skills that have a positive influence in their home, school and social interactions. Apex Dragon’s program gives children ages 5 to 8 a positive way to investigate their interests in the martial arts. The Jr. Warrior program is for ages 9-12. The classes are structured around a blend of arts, including Bruce Lee’s Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do. Along with physical fitness, your child will learn focus, discipline, self-confidence, respect and how to overcome insecurities.
We focus on positive attitudes and personal growth of each individual child.

The Fun Side of Martial Arts

There is much more to martial arts than punching and kicking, and we know it is important to make sure this is something your child wants to do, not something they have to do. In addition to fun and exciting martial arts classes, we have summer fun nights, ninja nights, classes in the park, holiday parties and birthday parties. You will feel at ease knowing your child is in a safe environment doing things that are constructive and good for them.

Program Goals For Each Child

  • Have FUN in a focused and controlled manner, sharing training with other kids.
  • Be RESPONSIBLE for their own actions, humble enough not to be bullies, but secure enough to stick up for the themselves.
  • Be RESPECTFUL of not only other people but of themselves.
  • Be CONFIDENT enough in themselves to not feel intimidated or out of place
  • Be physically CAPABLE of defending themselves as well as playing games, sports or any activity they choose.
  • Be EDUCATED and possess good study habits that make learning a normal and rewarding part of life.
  • Have a high SELF-ESTEEM, allowing them to resist negative peer pressure.
  • Live with a POSITIVE outlook on life, looking forward to each new day.
  • To have the PATIENCE to deal with the everyday ups and downs of life in a positive productive manner.

Right For Your Child?

Not really sure what to expect? Not sure if your child will like classes? No problem. Come in and try a FREE class on us. Let your child experience the benefits of our martial arts program with no cost or obligation to you. Print our V.I.P. Guest Pass and contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment.

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Learn About The Little Dragons Program – 5 to 8 years

One of our most popular classes is the Little Dragons Class for children ages 5 to 8. This class focuses on the basic life skills children need to feel confident and successful in a group setting. A structured class begins to teach children to follow directions, develop and practice listening skills, and how to interact with other children.

This early stage of development is crucial in a child’s life. Learning coordination and balance, while developing strength and flexibility, help lead children to a sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Classes focus on fun and exciting activities that develop a child’s physical ability, while teaching them the most basic of life skills including:

  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Listening Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Following Directions

Focus on The Individual Child

It is our goal to focus on the individual child, so this class has a limited enrollment. New inquiries will be allowed in the class upon first come, first serve basis. We want to train children to be confident enough in themselves to not feel intimidated or out of place. Humble enough not to be bullies, but secure enough to stick up for themselves or family. Physically capable of not only defending themselves, but to play games, sports or whatever they choose to do in life. Possess study habits that make learning and becoming more educated a normal and rewarding part of life, not a boring chore they are forced to do. Have a high self-esteem, allowing them to resist negative peer pressure. Live with a positive outlook on life, looking forward to each new day.