Mande Muda Silat

Silat- Uyuh Suwanda was the founder of the Mande Muda self defense system, which he began in 1951 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Like all traditional pencak silat, this was not open to the general public. Pak Uyuh had studied 17 styles of pencak silat. He added Cimande, when he married Mimi Rukimi who came from Cimande village.

Together they taught their combined system, which Pak Uyuh named “Mande Muda”, to their family and friends. The word “Mande” comes from “Cimande” which Pak Uyuh believed to be the original silat system of West Java. “Muda” means “young” or “new”. Mande Muda is likened to a young child always growing and looking for new silat material. In this way, Pak Uyuh believed that each silat technique could be used differently in different situations and that there are no techniques which will work in all attacks.

For this reason, he continuously studied pencak silat techniques and weapons to find the best answers to attacks, and ways to prevent attack. Pak Uyuh combined techniques from the 18 silat styles in an effective system which is unique and rich in knowledge.