Guro Tobias Gibson – Dog Brothers Martial Arts at Apex

Guro Tobias is going to be offering Dog Brothers style training 2x a month starting in January2019!

Guro Tobias Gibson joined Apex in 2005. He earned his instructorship certification in the Inosanto lineage under Guro Joseph Craig in the Apex IntegratedSystem and Filipino Martial Arts in 2016. Outside of Apex, he has pursued instructorships in various fighting arts. He is a Red Tag instructor in Dog Brothers Martial Arts and a member of the Dog Brothers Tribe. Additionally, he is a first generation student of Hock Hochheim and has achieved instructor ranks in Freelancer Filipino Combatives, Pacific Archipelago Combatives, Unarmed Combatives and Knife. He is also a Level 2 instructor in Burton Richardson’s JKD Unlimited MMA for the Street.


January 12th

January 26th

February 2nd

February 16th

March 9th

March 30th

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